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Friday, June 29, 2007

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As I alluded in my strawberry tart entry, I had ulterior motives for selecting a strawberry dessert this past weekend......I have had the good fortune to be recruited to write the odd guest post for the Food for Thought blog (at My first entry is now up and running.

Check out my post here:

Since I now know what pics they are using, I'll share a few of the other photos I took in my quest for fresh local strawberries.

Lovely fields of strawberries:
strawberry fields forever

Baskets of taaaasty berries:
strawberries for sale!

And some freshly washed berries, sparkling in the sunlight....
strawberries in sunlight

So now you should all support your local farmers and buy some. :) And you should also look forward to an upcoming post on the birthday cake I made for myself....1 pound of dark chocolate, 1 pound of butter, 2 cups of whipping cream and 9 eggs. This had better be good......the post should be up on Sunday.

Thanks for reading!!!!!! :)


Anonymous said...

At whch farm did you get your strawberries. My husband and I were thinking of going picking this weekend and were contemplating the Orleans Fruit Farm. Neither of us have gone picking in the Ottawa area before so other places to know about are welcome!

Warda said...

Gorgeous pictures. I wonder if there is some farms around where I live where I can pick some strawberries. Can't wait to see your birthday cake. Sounds so rich, better be good like you said!

Janet said...

Funny, when I saw that post at FoodTV come up in my RSS Reader I didn't know you wrote it and I just skimmed over it. The picture of Shouldice Farms made me pause for a second, "mmm that looks familiar"... now I know why! It's in Ottawa, and YOU wrote the post. I went back today and ACTUALLY read it! Good Job!

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