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Monday, November 01, 2010

apparently Ottawa does not have enough places to buy food...

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...because now "Canadian Tire is consistently working towards becoming a one-stop shopping destination for our customers" by expanding its food program to all Ottawa locations.

This, according a release I got in my inbox today. LOL.

The strategy here is, frankly weird. CT cares enough about promoting its food that it has procured the services of a PR firm to SPECIFICALLY promote food in its Ottawa stores to Ottawa food bloggers.

For those not in the know, CT is a Canadian icon, classically a tire/hardware/outdoors store, more recently popular for small appliances and housewares, and now seems to be attempting to turn itself into more of a Walmart than a friendly hardware store.

Anyway, CT is popular because of their frequent fabulous sales (think: 70% off expensive things like tools and pot sets). I'm not sure why they think they need food to get more people through the door.

Especially when I just checked out CT's online flyer, and it MENTIONS that there is food, but the only specific examples are sugar and chocolate. Which, *clearly* will motivate the average food buyer to run right out to Canadian Tire. Really, it's exactly what I'm seeking the day after Hallowe'en. More sugar and more chocolate. :p

So, while I may check out the food section of CT when I'm there, I seriously doubt that this is a move that's going to drive up traffic to their stores. Especially when the CT nearest me is located right across the street from a large grocery store, a medium-sized grocery store and a walmart. Also odd is there is no online version of the news release I was sent (trust me, you're not missing much). Weird, weird, weird.

With all that, welcome to NaBloPoMo. Where I attempt to dig myself out of my blogging funk. :p Thanks for reading! I swear I will share more recipes soon, bear with me.

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