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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Adjectival Nutrition

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My God I’m such a yuppie sometimes.

I was thinking this on Sunday morning as I dined on my breakfast of omega-3 eggs fried in cooking spray, chicken bacon, prairie bran whole grain bread, calcium-enriched OJ and organic shade-grown fresh-ground dark roast coffee. Good lord. What have this world and my psyche come to that nothing I dine on can be done sans adjectives. Oy. I guess I should just consider myself fortunate that I’m able to make such choices.

But honestly, sometimes I get so wrapped up in food and nutritional benefit that even I can’t get over it. I think about food almost all day. Is that normal? I’m thinking not.

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with food – I love how it tastes, but I hate how I feel after I’ve eaten too much of it. Disgusted with myself, flabby and unattractive. Yet my obsession continues…this morning, when I woke up….all I could think about was food. I had to resort to granola for brekkie (gag….too sweet!) and then just continued to think about my garlicky linguine for the next four hours until it was a time where I could safely devour it.

And now, I’ll continue to think about dinner (thai green curry with salmon, chickpeas and sweet potato) until the time comes to devour it. Then, I’ll spend like three more hours trying not to think about food, because if I eat after dinner, I lose all sense of self-control and moderation and just make a big pig of myself.


I long for an uncomplicated relationship with food. I long to be able to eat until satisfaction, and then to not think about food until the next time I have to eat. Some people work like that, but it seems I’m not one of them.

On the domestic front, things are progressing and regressing at the same time. The progression has occurred on our home renovations….the bathroom is now 98% complete (baseboard and trim need painting…and…well…doors would be nice) and the hallways is moving along. In terms of de-cluttering, I have finally divested myself of almost all my “wedding crap.” Yay for freecycle. It’s fantastic – I post a message with all the stuff I no longer wanted to keep – shoes, purse, decorations, papers, etc….2 minutes later someone e-mails me, and 1 hour later it is GONE. Of course, the 17 subsequent messages I got from desperate brides were a bit annoying….a couple in particular shared sob stories, or even outright demanded that I choose them. Bah….I’m not one to play favourites….I picked the first person. And yet the messages continue.

Hubs is a bit sad I didn’t sell the stuff, but honestly, it took me over a week to get to the post office with the shawl I was selling (I bus and didn’t hanker to hauling around with me ALL day until I could get to the post office, and his schedule was too busy to take me). It’s such a PITA to get shipping quotes, and to make sure payments are received….I just wanted the stuff gone. Hope I won’t regret that….even if I do though, I have over 1400 pictures of all of it!

The regression has occurred in the laundry seems I would rather arrange myself around a pile of unfolded clean laundry than actually ever fold it or put it away. Need to work on that....

And for the record….I’m not nearly as shallow as this blog would have you believe….I write on domestic matters, but I generally concern myself with far more. I just think it’s best for me to keep my political opinions to myself, lest they come back and haunt me at a later point. Current Reads: A Fine Balance, Rohinton Mistry and Shake Hands with the Devil, Roméo Dallaire.

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