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Friday, June 01, 2007

newsflash: chicken don't have fingers

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Just read a great article on the NYTimes website. It's all about the ubiquity of the kids' menu, and the trash that ends up on it. You know - chicken fingers, grilled cheese, pizza and macaroni and cheese. All paragons of fine dining and nutrition. Read the article HERE.

It also expands on a fabulous new trend - kiddie menus WITHOUT chicken fingers. Who'da thunk, eh? Here's to hoping that by the time I have kids, this phenomenon is widespread. Love the idea of little entrées for little palates, but without stooping to the nastiness I'm seeing today. Anyway, thought this would be a good follow-up to my picky people rant that enacted such a flurry of commenting activity a few weeks back.

Thanks for reading! :) Oh, and I guess I should tell you all that I will also be guest blogging for the FoodTV Food for Thought blog a few times in the coming months. I'm totally huge on the internet. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA :)


Christy said...

Hey congrats on the FoodTV blog guest stint. You are famous! Will definitely be watching out for that one.

I would love to see options for my daughter besides the gross stuff currently on the menus today! It really does make it difficult to go out for dinner as a family. I hope this trend spreads like wildfire!

Samantha said...

My boys have always turned their noses up at the kids menu. They always hated it. Maybe because we never ate that garbage at home. The toughest part was telling the hostess that my son didn't want the kids menu. They always look confused. A look like "That little kid doesn't want a kids menu?" Nope.
Also when they were really little, we would share our food with them. It was always too much for me and they loved it!

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Just left a comment on your original post about picky people. I can't believe chickens don't have fingers! We tend to order starters for our children or they share a main course. (They're only 5 & 2)There are more places in the UK who cater better for kids now which is great as it's something I feel passionate about. Good for you for having an opinion on it. Lots of people aren't bothered. Amanda

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