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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

oh, the brutality

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Apologies readers. I have a couple of great posts coming up, but I've been insanely busy....

First, we've been away every weekend.
Second, I now have class two nights a week (because life wasn't crazy enough)
Third, I realized the approaching impending horror of bikini season (the horror would be ME in a bikini) and have since been exercising and starving (okay, not starving entirely, but not my usual 3200 calories per day) so my food has not been terribly exciting of late.

BUT, I have a great post about Mother's day Brunch coming up (hopefully later tonight, after the Sens kick the ass of the Sabres).

And last, recipes like THIS piss me off to no end. FOr those of you who aren't clicking, basically, the recipe involves a box of KD, a box of frozen meatballs, a jar of pasta sauce and a tub of flavoured cream cheese. K, first, if the sodium and wacky chemicals don't kill you....this is NOT cooking. It's being pitched as a family favourite recipe in my new magazine....and if this is the pinnacle of family cooking, it's a sad sad SAD day in this world.

MBR Out. For now. I've got to tend to my wild rice salad (which will also be posted in due time).


Anonymous said...

I saw that recipe too....scary! That's not good food at all!

Cass said...

It's not really a recipe is it?

It's like saying 'take a cheese slice and a piece of bread, place cheese on top of bread...' only with a lot of crappy additives thrown in. I've stopped visiting because, in my experience, it's full of this sort of overcomplicated packet juggling.

(Also, I just noticed your profile picture for the first time. So pretty!)

Foxy Renard said...

Ew. The recipes in What's Cooking are also always totally sick-looking. I wish this wasn't the North American norm. What on earth are we teaching the kidlets?

Melissa said...

Doesn't that "recipe" just turn your stomach?

I'm in the midst of a Kraft boycott. I call it the "No Kraft Foods Diet." It's kind of fun, really. Since they have such a foothold on the food market, it can be somewhat of a fun challenge to avoid buying any and all Kraft products.

It cuts down on the amount of chemicals, trans fats, sugars, and salt we ingest, forces us to prepare fresh, healthy, homemade MEALS, and prevents me from willingly giving my money to a cigarette company (Philip Morris and Kraft are owned by the same parent company).


doctor T said...

Ugh. I mean, I'll make a lazy casserole some days (thank you mushroom soup!) but that recipe sicks me out.

post soon please!!!!

BubblyBunny said...

We do a lot of packaged food cooking in our house because we are both lazy. But man, even would not cook something like this! You are right...this is not a recipe at all. It involves no cooking or whatsoever!

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