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Monday, December 04, 2006

Procrastination and sleepless nights

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Yes, ladies and gentlemen, once again my slothly procrastination has come back to bite me in the behind. Whereas last night I really should have been busying myself with matters of domesticity, I didn’t.

I did not…
…make rice and beans for dinner (as I had planned)
…do the dishes
…fold my laundry
…clean the kitchen
…clean the rest of my house
…vacuum the bunny cage (they are starting to get pissed – nothing worse than an angry rabbit!)

Instead, I…

…ordered Chinese (and accidentally ate a whole chili pepper from the crispy beef….good one MBR….)
…watched TV
…watched a movie (a stupid, but enjoyable one)
…ate chips


Therefore, I will now have a very busy night tonight because I have a kabillion things to do. I now have to clean the entire house (hubs has hockey and I owe him one because he gave me a drive this morning), plan tomorrow’s menu, prepare tomorrow’s menu…..yikes.

And this is all my own doing, the eternal domestic un-goddess. Must pull self together in best pseudo-goddess form for tomorrow. ;)

I think I have a menu in mind at least. Since the dinner I thought to have next week is not going to happen any time soon, I still wanted to bring in a Moroccan-inspired menu (to my meat, potato and vegetables inlaws….I’ll keep it mild).

What I’m thinking:
- boneless chicken breast, wrapped in puff pastry, stuffed with chevre and dried fruit and slivered almonds, and slathered in a Moroccan tomato paste. This is my own creation – I think it will involve tomato paste, fresh garlic and ginger and coriander, some turmeric, cinnamon, and cumin. Something about stuffed/pastry things is always impressive, even though it’s not terribly challenging.
- Couscous cooked in orange juice, with raisin, almond, apricot and OJ
- Stir-fried veggies with chick peas
- For dessert, I thought I would do a honey-rosemary crème brulée

The make-ahead tasks for tonight - stuffing and wrapping chicken, chopping veggies, making the crème (the brulée aspect is done tableside with a blowtorch - always impressive!). Tomorrow, I'll just have to throw the chicken in the oven, and cook the couscous. Not too shabby!

On hand, there will be wine, but I think I’ll skip the salad and just have something simple as an appie – veggies and dip I think. Any suggestions? Is this too wacky for m-p-v eaters?

Hopefully all goes well and I don’t faint from exhaustion because it’s definitely gonna be a late night tonight. Thanks for reading! Will update tomorrow….

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Jenny said...

My brother is a M-P-V eater; I had him over for dinner on Saturday. I did just that: mesquite pork loin, garlic mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus...yup MPV. He was totally blown away, which was quite funny considering how easy it is to make. This being said, I suppose anything is impressive to a guy who lives off frozen chicken burgers and pop.

See how all the other tasks go tonight. Don’t stress too much. One nice thing about MPV eaters is that they are always easy to impress with minimal effort - hehe

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