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Friday, December 29, 2006

The big 5-0

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Woohoo! This is my fiftieth post on this blog! Thanks to everyone for all the comments and encouragement....I love that there are people from across the globe coming to visit here - in the last few weeks, I've seen that there are people from Australia, Madagascar, Turkey, all through Europe, Mexico, the US and of course fellow Canucks from coast to coast. There is nothing cooler than this. :)

SO thanks to all of you for visiting.

I actually have two posts worth of stuff, though I think I'll save half for tomorrow morning. :) Laziness, procrastination and all that, you know.

I've done so little this week that I'm almost ashamed of myself. I have spent so much time surfing the net, snoozing, drinking (yikes) and eating (even more yikes) and now I'm through almost an entire week of leisure with very very very little to show for it...

But it is lovely. And once things pick up again in January, I will at least have my week as a bonbon-crunching lady of leisure (à la Peggy Bundy, but minus the stirrup pants) to look back on with nostalgia.


I did at least make dinner tonight (for MPV type brothers) and it while it was a bit homey feeling, the taste was fabulous.

The first course was a very simple salad. I simply took baby spinach (gambling my life on US imported stuff...if I'm not back next week.....) and tossed it in my favourite purchased salad dressing - Renée's wellness balsamic fig dressing. This dressing actually tastes good and is relatively low in all the bad stuff. Two thumbs up. I then topped the salad with some thinly sliced pear (you could call me creative, but really they were just going to get too ripe and get moldy soon, so it was a choice of both strategy and desperation......). Drizzled with a little more dressing.

And voilà...

Nice, eh?

For the main course, I made my absolute favourite chicken pot pie recipe. In fact, before I tried this recipe, I actually hated chicken pot pie. To me, meat and pastry was just the most nasty match I could imagine. But then the Podleski sisters introduced me to an herbed biscuit crust. I was sold. You will be too. This recipe is that good. It's from Looneyspoons, which everyone should own. Several people have been kind enough to post this recipe on the net, so I invite you to check out "Starvin' Guy Chicken Pie." Yum. It's so full of flavour and so NOT gross...and it's relatively simple to make.

One thing I do try to do before I make any recipe is to have all the ingredients chopped and ready so I'm not scrambling like mad (though it still often happens). It makes for better pictures for you, less hectic kitchening for me and overall the only negative are the massive piles of prep bowls I end up with. I did the dishes


I (as always) will confess to being lazy and just cooking it in my deep dish pan, but this recipe doubles easily, and once it's cooked, you can freeze it too. Once I've mixed in all the ingredients, I just flatten it down and roll out the crust to be best of my abilities. (my rolling abilities are minimal....perhaps even negative. No pics of the sad scraggly uneven edges for you!)

But at least I can flatten not too badly! Here's all the filling, just waiting for a crust.

Quick tip for those of you who don't think you have an oven-proof pan.....pretty much any pan can be made oven proof to 350F. All you have to do is cover the handles with foil. Don't cook at any higher than 350F, but for those times when you just really don't want to dirty yet another pan, this works quite well. Everyone should have a deep italian sauté pan with a lid. It's great for SO many things.

And here is the final tastiness, about 2 minutes before I scarfed it down. Yummmmmmah!

Enjoy. Have a lovely night, cook lots, and make sure you eat your fill before January 1!


Anonymous said...

I will continue to read on faithfully!! I love the way your chicken pot pie looked so much that I am going to try making it myself tonight. Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Wow hapi 50th.. Yeah. .Thanks for this food...I am also hungry again while I saw this yummy food pictures

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