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Monday, January 29, 2007

definitely not martha: Behind the Apron....

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Fiber of 28 cooks is hosting a blog event called "Behind the Apron" basically inviting food bloggers from all walks of nutrition to reveal a little bit about themselves....

I have to laugh a little bit at the idea of 'behind the apron' because I actually never wear one. It's not that I'm averse to the idea, it's more that we only own one, and it was given to hubs as a gag gift. AND, to make things better, it says "For Special Sauce, Lift and Pull." So I don't really wear it as it tends to give people the wrong idea and scare away company...

So here I am:


I'm 26, a nearly-native Ottawan (despite my constant whining and complaining about the arctic climate) and I'm married to a lovely man whom you shall know only as 'hubs.'

The little guy you see in my avatar up at the top right is the late Mr. Buns - I started using his moniker years ago (it was never taken, unlike everything else I tried)...I still use it, as it still is never taken, and I like his little orange peel helmet (hubs' doing, not mine). He was a great little dude.

I now have two other fat rabbits, both of whom were rescued from separate animal rescue associations....large and in charge, here they are....April is the black rabbit and Darwin is gray.

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I've always been a little food obsessed (okay, maybe more than a little). I love getting a little creative in the kitchen, and seeing my vision come to life (or disaster, which probably makes for better reading for you guys...). I'm an alumna of the University of Western Ontario, where I studied French literature. I now work for the government doing PR-type stuff.

"Hubs" and I were married last February, and I have to fight him for the camera, as he's often out and about, taking photos of cool urban things that no one else notices. We're a good match, as he loves to eat the food that I so enjoy creating.

Anyway.....that's me. :) When I'm not working, bussing, cooking, writing, griping or sleeping....I enjoy reading books on nearly any subject and spending quality time with hubs. :) Our one-year anniversary is coming up next month....and we're camping. In Ontario. In February. So look forward to the camp cuisine posts that will be sure to follow in a few weeks....

Thanks for reading and thanks to Fiber for hosting this. :)


Anonymous said...

You're beautiful!!! I enjoyed seeing your bunnies because I had rabbits years ago, and miss them very much. I've been thinking of getting another one--or two!

Unknown said...

The apron description cracked me up... and your bunnies are really cute!
Looking forward to the camping editions of your blog :)

Couz said...

I can't WAIT to hear about your camp cuisine! Something tells me I'll be printing out those posts to keep for our next backcountry trip.

And now my husband wants that apron.

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