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Saturday, January 20, 2007


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Really, only I am capable of this type of escapade in the kitchen. This is classic domestic un-goddess here.

So last night, I'm trying to make this chocolate hazelnut torte, right? And part of the recipe I devised involved blending silken tofu. I even went out and bought myself a brand new fire-engine red kitchen aid blender for this express purpose.

So.....I take my nice package of silken tofu (that I had to go to TWO grocery stores to find) and try to drain off a bit of the water. Well guess what? My nice silken tofu plopped right out of the container right into the dirty pile of dishes that I hadn't bothered to wash yet. I desperately tried to catch it, but due to the silkeness of said tofu, I caught precisely one fifth of it, with half going into the tempeh marinara pan, and the other half crashing incongruously into a really not very clean sink.


And of course, due to lazy procrastination, this happened at 10:30PM. And it was snowing (really, in this kind of situation, why would it not snow?) I begged and cajoled hubs to go brave the snow and freezingness to take me to the closest late night grocery store.

And they didn't have it.

So I had to outright bribe hubs (11PM by this time) to take me to the farther away, but bigger 24 hour grocery store (thank you Sobey's for your vegan-friendly freezer section!).

They had it. I bought three (just in case). I think I dropped or spilled half a dozen things in the kitchen yesterday. From an artistic spray of tempeh marinara on the floor (over enthusiastic stirring) to dropping and breaking an almost-empty jar of curry paste......I don't think I should have even been in the kitchen yesterday.

Oh, and my torte recipe? Let's just say it needed a LOT of doctoring. When I first blended the tofu and tasted like not sweet tofu with chocolate flavouring. GROSS. I think I salvaged it. Will report back tomorrow with pictures and a recipe if this thing turns out to be edible....have to clean my house now!

Thanks for reading and wish me luck and the gift of coordination today.....after this rather ignominious beginning, I'm going to need it.

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