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Monday, May 29, 2006

He highlighted my hair and we're still married

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A weekend of domestic slavery, that’s what it is.

Yet again, after another action-packed weekend I return to work ragged and exhausted come Monday morning. But alas, the gods were smiling upon us this weekend.

Friday night, my little bro stopped in….along with two of his drunken friends… ended up that we had a little boy sleepover in our basement that night. I wasn’t thrilled, but they didn’t make any noise, nor did they worsen the pre-existing mess….so I let it slide.

Anyway, onto Saturday. This was a bit of a crazy day. I finally got rid of my “houseguests” by plying them with bacon, eggs and coffee (this had the desirable effect of rousting them out of the basement and into the bright sunshine of the main floor of the house). They happily ate and vacated the premises to nurse their aching heads elsewhere. As soon as our guests were gone, we ran off to our local Indian store. I love this store – they had every single thing I was looking for – what a labour saver!!!!!! I managed to find my samosas, chutneys, naan, spices and milk balls. Swweeeee---at.

Saturday afternoon was a curry’makin’ affair…..I made five curries in total. Our dining set actually arrived on time (shocking!) and we managed to get it inside and assembled (and set) before our dinner guests arrived. It was close, but worked out well. Sadly, two of the chairs are scratched on the seat. Very very annoying. This set was purchased for us by hubs’ parents, and it really wasn’t cheap, so it was very annoying to have two brand new chairs be all scuffed up. The company has said they will replace them for us. I always feel a bit bad…but at $200+/chair, it’s just not cool to start out with noticeable scratches.

Dinner only had one small catastrophe. I decided to cook my parsnip fries on the barbecue – I had all of the curries warming up in the oven. I thought 13 minutes would be a good amount of time for me to let them go, and then check on them. Apparently, 13 minutes on the barbecue can cause a wee bit of a carbonizing effect on spicy parsnip fries. Very sad to say they turned into a blackened mess just as the guests arrived. Thankfully, I had purchased TWO bags of parsnips, so I quickly peeled and sliced the next bag, tossed it in an oil/curry paste mixture and handed it off to hubs to throw anew on the bbq. The parsnips being only the latest in a long line of things that I have blackened beyond all recognition on the grill….I definitely don’t think it’s a cooking method that I should ever use. ;)

Dinner was a rousing success. There was so much food, it all turned out well, and I think my dinner guests really really enjoyed it. The only annoying thing was the female dinner guest kept asking me if I had made things from scratch….as I previously mentioned, I went out of character in buying things….so it just felt weird to have to admit that I had purchased these things. Booooo.

Sunday was no less busy. After staying up late to actually clean up the kitchen (this is a first…usually after a dinner party, hubs and I finish up the remaining wine and stumble off to bed), we slept in and then started to work. I am proud to say that I planted my very first outdoor garden. I have yellow Asiatic lilies, many colours of marigolds, and some cool spikey plant where I can’t remember the name. I just hope I don’t kill them all! Hubs spent this time giving the car a good cleaning.

After dinner, I made hubs make good on his promise of helping me highlight my hair….and you know what….it turned out better than I expected. There is one highlight I’m not totally thrilled with, but overall, it was a pretty successful endeavour. :) We used the Revlon Custom Effects kit in Chestnut. Hubs wouldn’t follow the directions and he hated the applicator (and as a result spent much time making little foil rectangles to isolate each dyed strip of hair), but he did a really good job. :) I will take pictures soon and post them.

Anyway, I should run now because I have a pounding headache. Also, my in-laws are stopping by tonight after dinner, so I need to go dust my piano (noticed on Saturday while guests were over that having all the windows open had caused it to be covered in yellow pollen….how embarrassing…..).

Have a good night!

PS – the link is On that site, click “Photos” and then click “Bunny Pictures” – we always have problems with copying and pasting links. Very annoying.

Take care – thanks for reading!


UptownGal said...

Your bunnies are so cute!! Is your yard fenced up? Aren't you worried they'll run away?

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky...I love rabbits but I can't have them b/c my fiance are allergy to all furry animals. So I have to resort to "adopting" wild ones around our neighbourhood. :P

Anyway, great blog. Some of your recipes sound really interesting. I think I'm going to try out your Greek Potatoe tomorrow with our BBQ steak and salmon!! :)

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