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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"O" for three....

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Zero out of three for me yesterday.

Didn't do any laundry.
Didn't unpack any clothes.
Ate like a big pig.

On the up side, I made a tasty dinner tonight! Chicken saltimbocca (pounded chicken breast with proscuitto on one side, seasoned with sea salt and fresh ground pepper, in a vermouth glaze) with watercress, tomato and basil salad. :) Yum!

I'm currently contemplating cleaning. But haven't gotten any further than the contemplation aspect.

But, I have an amusing story from work....

You know those people who are completely freaked out about germs (i.e., the kind that keep the paper towel in their hand to use it to open the bathroom door....not making fun of you, just pointing that kind of person out). So yeah. There I was in the washroom today, and this freakish little woman who works on an adjacent team dashes her fingers under the water for about three seconds. But then she makes a big show of making sure the paper towel comes between her precious fingers and any potentially contaminated surface.

At least she's keeping her germies to herself...hahahahaha. Anyway, I thought that was funny.

And just cuz the gap dress generated so much comment, here is a pic of it in action. Or inaction. ;) I love hammocks.

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So now I suppose I should wash it and try to remove all the self-tanner marks...grrrr....

Have a good night! Thanks for reading!

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