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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Me vs. the binge....

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I read an interesting theory a couple of days ago that really struck a cord with me. Maybe I’m the only person in the world who hadn’t thought about things this way before, but it was definitely something worth noting.

Any of you who have been longer-term readers (esp. of my previous blog) can probably note that I regularly have issues with overeating. Sometimes I binge, and I just can’t get why I couldn’t stop myself from doing it. (but…no worries, purging is not something I’ve ever done or plan to do!!!!!!!!)

The theory I read is that alcoholics can QUIT drinking. Smokers can QUIT smoking. Overeaters can’t quit eating. And that is the crux. I’m not saying it’s easy for the aforementioned addicts to rid themselves of their vices….merely that at least it is possible to rid oneself completely of the temptation. It’s pretty hard for a former alcoholic to drink in moderation. And while smoking in moderation is just as vile as chain smoking, you don’t see that happening much either. Those are all-or-nothing habits.

But with eating, you HAVE to continue eating. And worst of all, you don’t see people urging former alcoholics to have a drink, or former smokers to take a puff. But for overeaters….it’s always “oh, one slice won’t hurt” or “why bother dieting! Dig in!.” These statements can be extremely frustrating when you really are trying to be good.

And something I’ve discovered about myself is that I have real issues with moderation. Some people can eat one chocolate, or one slice of pizza. Or three fries. But I’m just not one of them. Instead of one chocolate, I eat a layer. I eat a whole pizza. And I definitely eat all my fries (seriously….what is WITH the people who can just eat a couple and then let the rest get cold….a huge part of me wants to shout “nooooooooooooooooo! Let MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee have them.”)

Anyway, not sure if that helped anyone, but at least it’s something worth noting. As I’ve written previously, it’s a microcosmic case of broken window theory. If I don’t eat any pizza, I’m fine. I actually love salad, fruit, yogourt, fish, etc. They are favourites. But as soon as the barrier is breached….all inhibitions go out the window and the entire pie is stuffed down my gullet. Yum. Same thing – if I just don’t have any dessert, I’m fine. But if it’s there, I can’t limit myself to just a bite. I admire those who can, but I CAN’T. I just have to eat it all. So very very sad.

Umm…did I mention that I am perhaps spurred on by my unplanned consumption of 600 empty calories on my way home from work???? I made the mistake of buying two healthy snacks at the grocery store.

PC Rice Crisps. Very dangerous. I bought the Japanese Wasabi and Honey. Picture just the right touch of pungent, acidic heat (like a really good Dijon) tempered with the sweet delicacy of honey. Yum. My burning mouth ate the whole bag on the way home.
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They also come in a Tamari flavour, which I also managed to inhale half of. It’s also tasty, but not nearly so spicy as the wasabi. LOVE the wasabi. :)

Hopefully my taste for spice is quenched by tonight’s dinner – panfried red snapper with homemade fresh salsa (the kind with loads of jalopeno and fresh coriander) and basmati rice. Might make a watercress salad too. Might not.

However, one thing I really do have to do is a solid tidy. My mom is coming on Saturday afternoon, so the house has to be mom-ready (which sucks, because it’s somewhat of a disaster right now). Also, somehow in the week that we were gone, my father (or perhaps my brother?) managed to completely coat the shower in nasty-ass soap scum that *I* now get the joy of muscling away. I hate soap scum. How the heck did they get it to form so fast? Must be a new record.

The other issue I have is my dining room table (ooo! Excitement – our new dining table is ready and will be delivered in the next couple weeks….I am already salivating in anticipation of its solid maple beauty….swee-at). My current dining room table is located just opposite the front door. Consequently, it seems to find itself the most unfortunate recipient of constant barrages of mail, flyers and general crap. It seems to take about three minutes of us being home for it to be covered in crap. I’m trying to figure out a way around this with our new table. I really wouldn’t want to cover up all that nice wood with commercial marketing garbage. Any ideas?

Oh….and I really need to unpack tonight….

Thanks for reading!


Torie and Erik said...

Seriously. I am exactly the same. But you read my post the other day about cravings.

I HATE it when people don't eat ALL their fries. I often have to tell myself multiple times that it's not appropriate to ask people if I can finish their food...

Good luck with the table clutter. I am an obsessive 'piler' and have serious problems putting things away. I've resorted to a shelf that I can quickly stack the books that I'm using on (I don't have a desk), and a small side table, because the books seem to multiply...I guess I'm not much help.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Twilight Zone: Are we the Same People?

I will eat it ALL. Sometimes I literally feel I need to upchuck from my distended belly, but I will keep eating because I'M SO CHEAP and GREEDY that I don't want good fries to go to waste.

As for the table clutter, I've given up the fight. When we have a nice dinner, I just push the commercial garbage on one end and we pretend we're having a romantic dinner for two on the other end. Pathetic...

Here's another gripe: not enough counter space due to "loft" (a.k.a. sub-standard) living to cook gourmet meals like the Domestic Un-Goddess... Subway take-out, anyone?

Anonymous said...

RBM - you crack me up! And, I feel your pain...on both the overeating...I won't even be hungry, but if there's a perfectly good piece of cake on my plate...I will eat it!!!! And, on the table you, we just got a brand-new maple table (wedding gift from my side of the family...thank goodness because our old table was seriously garbage)....anywho, the new table often "holds" things that don't really have a place... like my husband's wallet and cell phone. when we are having a nice dinner, I put the stuff on a chair that isn't being used. Then I can't see it and it's like it's all better!

Jenny said...

I am also a total binge eater. Typically I eat really healthy but I just can't seem to stop myself when junk food enters the house.

Just last night I actually got out of bed, after turning the lights off, to wolf down the last piece of apple pie in the fridge. I had been struggling with my inner voice all night, telling myself not to eat it. The brain said no, but the heart won out in the end.

You are not alone. I most definitely CANNOT leave a plate of fries unfinished.

Anonymous said...

I have been known to leave my burger for later because I have gotten too full eating my x-large fries while they were still hot. Burgers reheat and be still edible not fries. And damn McChicken sauce for tasting so good fries, like they have to be more unhealthy!
Good luck with your cleaning though, I really recommend Lysol total bathroom cleaner (its in a pink bottle) it is by far the best cleaner for removing the nasty soap scum without too much muscle. I loved this stuff while my BIL lived with us. How they form that nasty scum so quickly I will never know :)

UptownGal said...

Erm, i'm almost embarrassed to say this but... i've never thought about the "alcoholics can quit alcohol but u can't quit eating" theory before! But how very true!

Anyway, i love reading your blog. Could i put a link from mine to yours?

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