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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

just two quick things....

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1. First, can someone please tell me why in tarnation do we not have 24-hour alarm clocks here in Canada?

You know, the kind of clock where you can CLEARLY see, no matter how much wine you've had, the time that you are setting it to? The kind of clock that does not allow the overindulgent wino nitwit (yes, that would be me) to set the clock to PM instead of AM before blurriedly stumbling off to bed .

People like me NEED a 24-hour alarm clock. There is a huge visual difference between 07h00 and're never going to mess those two up. But that stupid, freaking, infinitesimal DOT marking the difference between me getting to work on time or me racing around like a knob because the first word I've uttered that morning is a nasty four-letter one...and stumbling in late.....this is just unacceptable.

The solution is not less wine. I believe the solution is REVOLUTION. Demand the 24-hour alarm clock.

2. Why do I think I am greater than chemistry? Why do I think that because *I* am making something, that things will disobey basic laws of nature? Tonight, after class, I set to making two identical tropical fruit mousse cakes. I'm not sure why I thought this would be a good idea at 22h30 (note the clever use of the 24-hour clock?) Especially when the instructions say things like "let set 1-2 hours" Bah. Those things don't apply to ME. MY cake will clearly set up more quickly.

Anyway, the upshot of it is that I think I may have ruined about $40 of tropical fruit. Pffft. That said, you should all check out the original recipe on Applemint, because hers is beautiful.

I have a sneaking suspicion I've more in common with Macbeth than I'd care to admit.

Also, I've learned that one of the grossest things you can smell is the scent of hot water on granules of gelatin.

That is all. No real food here. If my cake actually turns out to be edible, I'll let you know tomorrow. I'm not holding up a lot of hope right now, because both of them look like utter crap. Meh. This'll teach me to just go about, converting recipes, tripling them and just making a huge big mess.....

ACK. And it's now 1AM. And I'm going to be ultra-busy tomorrow. This sucks.

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