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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The verdict….

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I give myself a solid C+ for yesterday’s performance.

And to be fair, yesterday was a bit of an unusual day – it’s pretty hard to keep up with the normal routine when your mother is visiting (she’s gone now). I got home from work and checked the mail. This is usually the first sore point for me, as I have the terrible habit of bringing in our monstrous piles of mail (seriously, I try changing all my bank accounts to paperless ones, and then they send me a freaking paper confirmation of the change….good job guys. Try an email next time!), strewing across our dining room table and leaving it there.

I didn’t yesterday! (I know, this may seem minor, but it’s actually quite a significant step). I shredded my bank statement without opening it (bad, eh?), opened a thank you card from a wedding we went to in July (no comment) and recycled all the flyers. I think my mission for tonight is to put a “no flyers please” sign on our mail box. Aside from shredding them to use as rabbit litter, I really have no use for the six-inch-high pile of flyers we get each week. Thanks to the wedding, we have zero money to spend (i.e., no groceries this week!), so looking through them (even if I had time/motivation) is just an exercise in futility. :)

Anyway…on to dinner. I didn’t make it. Hubby did (sweetness). Spaghetti – which no matter how much hubby helps me, I just can’t make it as good as he does! Once, he told me of his secret – opening random spice jars, smelling them, and then adding them if he likes what he smells. I do know that one of his secret ingredients is montreal steak spice – if you haven’t tried this, you really should. It’s so tasty!!!!!! I drank far too much wine with and subsequent to dinner. (eep….not so good for the waistline), BUT where I deserve serious kudos is the fact that I insisted that the dishes be done before going to bed. Even in my semi-intoxicated state, we did dishes. And managed to not break any of our new spiegelau crystal (LOVE it) that can only be handwashed.

Where I don’t deserve kudos:
1) Did no laundry whatsoever yesterday.
2) Did not make the bed this morning (seriously, it’s the first time in months that hubby has been up and away before I am, so it was just a shock to the system to even have to lock the door behind myself…..)
3) In addition to making dinner, hubby did the lion’s share of the clean up while I visited with my mom.

Today’s mission:
1) Keep the kitchen clean (it’s currently only semi-clean…counter could use a good wipe, but at least there are no moldering pans).
2) Fold laundry.

There are a lot of other things I really should be doing, but if I’m being realistic, my dad is coming over for dinner tonight (and for a Costco trip), and I know he won’t leave until late.

The rest of this week will be pure insanity. Thursday, I’m going shopping for a special event. Friday, we are foisting ourselves upon the in-laws for dinner. But I’m making dinner because I insisted. (good job mrbunsrocks) so I have to come up with something tasty that can be done in the crockpot and transported the 90-minute drive to the in-laws’ new house. Saturday I’m going to a potluck, where I ALSO insisted on bringing two dishes….so I have to make those too.

Hopefully this whole domestic renewal thing doesn’t come crashing down around my ears. Maybe if I’m SUPER ambitious, I could shake the crumbs off my tablecloth. How’s that for motivation? Oh, and readers of my previous blog – do not despair. There will be food in this one too. It’s the one thing I can do right!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Dishes before bed? That's a huge one for me! I tend to leave them until I have no more counter space!
Sounds like you're coming along just fine!

Anonymous said...

Thankfully my husband's a great cleaner! We're both messy, but it never gets to a really disgusting state.

I must say, your week sounds so busy. I thought my life was hectic, but your week would one-up mine.

Glad to see your blog back! Looking forward to the FOOD, and everything else too.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why but your blog is amusing me, I find myself laughing. You should write a book!

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