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Thursday, March 30, 2006

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So….the adventures of the domestically challenged really don’t ever end. Last night, I had invited my dad over for dinner. Of course, if you read past posts, you would know that I have NO groceries. So… is what the domestic goddess (in this respect at least) came up with….

Caramelized Onion Seafood Linguine
2 T olive oil
4 cups sliced onions
4 cloves minced garlic
1 T white sugar
sea salt, fresh ground black pepper
1 t hot pepper flakes
1 can diced tomatoes, drained
½ c. red wine
1 can clams, undrained
1 pound shelled shrimp (give or take)
1 c frozen peas
¼ c. pesto
454 g. dry linguine

1. Heat a large, heavy skillet to medium-low heat. Add oil, then onions. I caramelized the onions for about 40 minutes (my dad and hubby were running errands; I was killing time). About 20 minutes in, I added garlic (and part of a shallot, just because I had it) and the sugar, salt and pepper. You have to do this on really low heat or it’s no good.
2. When they FINALLY got back, I added the tomatoes and pepper flakes, as well as the wine (and a swig for me!), then the clams. I let this heat for a bit, then threw the linguine in boiling water.
3. While the linguine cooked, I added the shrimp, peas and pesto.

Voila. Tasted really good! Very easy, pretty healthy. And, you’ll notice….there are pretty much no fresh ingredients whatsoever. Hahahahahaha

Hubby did all the dishes again. I did nothing. All I did was upend a good portion of the sauce directly onto a hot burner when I tried to pour it from the skillet onto the drained linguine. Brutal!

On a getting rid of crap note – bringing the wedding dress to a consignment shop tonight. :) Sad to see it go, but have no room.
On a literal ‘getting rid of crap’ note – I actually cleaned out the bunny cage yesterday. :) (No, we don’t neglect them, but Brad cleans it out more than I do). The bunnies were very appreciative and gave me many little kisses and hugs. I love bunnies!!!!!

So tonight will be fun. After dropping off my dress at the shop, whipping up something for dinner, etc. (and doing dishes), I will be turning into cooking super woman.

Tonight I am making "Angel Food Cake Lush" (from the new Kraft magazine), "Shocklate Cheesecake" (from Eat, Shrink & Be Merry) and "Fairest Wheels" (Crazy Plates, maybe?). At any rate, the former cake will be brought to my in-laws on Friday, while the latter two recipes are for a potluck Saturday Night. Something tells me I'll be missing ER tonight. :( Neeeeeeed a TV in the kitchen I think. Also, me cooking means kitchen disaster. I'll have to be uber vigilant to make sure this ends up okay.....I have left rather explosive messes in the kitchen on days past...

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