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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

on a mostly unrelated note (shameless self-promotion)

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In my endless quest for fame and riches (since blogging is not so profitable when you refuse to run ads, lol), hubs and I have started up a little photography business.

Guaranteed anyone who books us will have FABULOUS shots of their wedding dinners, lol. ;)

Anyway, if you're in the market (in Ottawa), check us out. We specialize in photo-journalistic wedding photography. Things as they happen, how they happen, with a modern twist. I think we're pretty good. Here's a little taste to whet your appetite:

a wedding

another wedding

and a cute couple

Also, on a more related note, as soon as I get the pics uploaded, I've got a fabulous meal coming up - spiced couscous with african-inspired chicken stew. It was awesome.


dinah34 said...

your pictures are so lovely!

Anne said...

Congratulations on starting your business! I've been reading your blog (mostly through a feed reader) and didn't realize you are also in Ottawa!

You're pictures are awesome!

Jenny said...

Congrats on the business! I have no doubt that you guys will book up quickly and make a real go of it :)

Donna said...

Love the pictures!

However (just a pet peeve of mine) I don't like websites that automatically re-size my browser to full-screen. Unless you have a pressing need to do this, you might consider removing the feature.

Unknown said...

Hooray for wedding photographers! :)

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