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Friday, September 08, 2006

Two days in a row! How good am I????

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Now that I finally got my act in gear to actually WRITE something, I should tell you a little bit about the changes on the homefront….

First, hubby and I are still very happily married with two bunnies and no kidlets.

Second, we are NOT happy with our house anymore. Don’t get me wrong, the house itself is great, but the location is killing me. If I worked downtown, it would actually be a great location, but the issue is that we live in the west end of the city, and my work is in the east end. Not only do I take three busses to work, but the bus that comes and goes from my house only comes every thirty minutes.

So we are planning on moving so that my bus ride will be drastically shortened. This would make me a much happier bus-riding individual.

But it also means that we’ve been very busy trying to finish the work on our house. It’s still a long way from being finished, and I’ve been working on DH to actually finish things. He loves tackling new projects and learning new skills, but he doesn’t like the last few nitty-gritty details of finishing the rooms….so we’re working on that.

In the meantime, we have repainted the front of our butt-ugly house. It has gone from being chocolate brown and white to “Castle Path” and “Sandstone Cove” (two shades of beige) with white trim. We’ve also installed a flagstone walkway in the front of the house. Before, we had a row of cheap ugly patio stones and an overgrown garden, and now we have a nice, clean set of flagstones. We still have to repave the driveway (meh) and also DH has to grout the stones, but the difference is phenomenal.

The bathroom project has come to a much-lauded end and it looks fabulous. We are so happy with how it came out and I am super-duper impressed with my hubby’s handy skills.

I re-did DH’s office while he was away one weekend, and it also turned out nicely. It went from being a dark chocolate brown (didn’t work in that room) to a nice shade of gray. The gray looks really good with his cherry wood desk, and I had some of his fabulous pictures framed and arranged on the wall. It’s very modern and fresh looking.

Looking forward to finishing this project. Question for my readers though….

My basement is currently teddy-bear tan (meh) with one black wall. The tan colour has the distinct feel of a grotto, and the black wall just serves to reinforce the whole cave/underground feeling. We have a neutral berber carpet and a blue couch. I would love to paint the basement a pale blue and have orange wall art. But I’m thinking that if we’re selling, it might be smarter to paint the basement a more neutral beigey colour (pale….with not black wall to absorb all light!). What do you think? Blue? Beige? What would you want to see in a basement?

Thanks for reading! I’ll try to be more amusing next time! It's hard to be funny when your tummy hurts. :( I've had two yummy servings of chili in the last 16 hours and it feels like my entire abdominal area is just one massive distended gas bubble that won't move! Ow!


Kareen said...


(It's CurlyBride from WB) :)

Personally, we just finished re-painting our bedroom from blue to a more neautral colour. Actually, it might look nice in a basement, it's grey horse from BM. I'm not a fan of blue rooms....especially if you're going to sell...I'd say just go with neutral, you'll be out of there long enough and you can paint your new house whatever colours you want!

Good luck!

Kareen said...

Oops...I'll be out of there SOON enough...Is there no way to edit comments??

Anonymous said...

I love pale ice blue with expresso furniture.. its a great combo, especially for the bedroom. That said, I think I would paint the basement neutral and avoid the orange if you are selling. You either love orange, or hate orange, so I would just stick neutral for now since you are selling. Good luck selling your house. And in my not so humble opinion (LOL) I would lower that candelier in your DR, I noticed that in a previous pic you posted. It will make the DR look cosier. Best of luck!

leslie @ definitely not martha said...

Thanks for the comments ladies!!!! :)

melanie - I think I will go with a neutral shade. We painted our hallway in Behr's Parisian Taupe and I think it's a colour that would also work well in the main room in the basement. I think I will paint the guest room a shade darker in the same family, just for a little variety.

anonymous - I already have the orange. :) I love it. We might repaint before selling, but I kinda want to wait to see what reactions we get from people. It really does make our house more memorable and it's such a bright room that the colour is inviting and fun. I remember your previous suggestion of lowering the chandelier - I think it's a great idea, but the chain and cord are already at their limit. The chandelier was actually a freebie from my hubby's aunt - it was nasty brass, so we spray painted it black. I will keep your suggestion in mind though, for our next place. :) Thanks!

erica said...

Hi There-
thanks for your comment on my blog!

I've always been a big fan of brown-ishes, of most types. As long as you avoid purple ay any cost :P I'm a homeowner myself and have fallen woefully behind on projects - so I shant speak of mine.

Jenny said...

Totally go for a neutral shade in the basement if you are planning on putting the house on the market soon. It may seem bland, but it's a safe route.

I moved into a new home a little over a month ago and all the walls are a cream tinted primer (yuck). I'll probably still paint the house browns and neutrals, but I'm bringing in bright accents. I.e. funky pillows, bright abstract paintings, cool linnens and my infamous orange couch!

I found that this was a great way to make the house more personal, yet without jeopardizing the resale appeal. FH and I only plan on being in the house for 5 years max.

Jenny said...
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