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Sunday, July 18, 2010

when you're dumb and buy fifty zillion crappy apples at costco...

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...then you have to get a little creative about using them up.


Normally, I'm a huge apple fan. There is just nothing more delicious than biting into a crispy, juicy, delicious apple. And as much as I'd love to buy local all the time, let's face it, I live in Ottawa, and the Ontario apple season is September/October. So at this time of year....there's not a whole lot of tasty local apples to be had.

However, usually the apples from Costco are pretty good - probably overbred beyond all scope of imagination, but generally living up to the platonian ideal apple (with a little help from some wax, etc.).

Anyway, so this batch of apples REALLY sucked. They looked really pretty, but in terms of texture, they were mealy and kinda soft. And in terms of taste, they just didn't really have a whole lot of it. So these were dry, soft, tasteless apples.

And because I bought them at Costco, I had like fifteen bushels of them (yes, I exagerrate).

So I used up nearly a dozen apples making apple crumbles, which were awesome for breakfast (I make my crumble with lots of oats and spelt flour, so it's not as desserty as a typical crumble).

But I still had a whole whack of 'em.

So I trawled through the internet, in search of ways to disguise these nasty little things (I'm trying to throw out less food, and to be more efficient in using all of the food that I buy....).

I thought it might be a good idea to make some apple fritters, because that's hubs' favourite pastry, and because, well, I thought it might help me plow through the apples. A quick google brought me to a perfect recipe from An Edible Mosaic. It was great because it was whole wheat, baked and pretty easy to make (pretty much entirely pantry staples). I'm not going to re-post the recipe, but I do recommend heading on over to An Edible Mosaic if you want some yummy apple fritters of your own. Miss Z absolutely gobbled hers. And then she gobbled mine. And then she hollered "MORE mommy....pleeeeeese?!!??." After which she gobbled hubs' proferred fritter.


The other recipe I came across was a Senegalese chilled soup with apple, carrot and onion. It's not bad. It's not the best thing I've ever eaten, but it's pretty, has a nice kick to it (my curry powder is pretty spicy) and is a little out of the ordinary.


I think next time I look to put apples in soup, I might go for an apple-parsnip soup...or something hot. Or maybe have apples that actually have some flavour, because I found that the curry flavour of the soup overwhelemed everything else, not allowing either the apple or carrot to poke through. You can check the recipe out for yourself though, at epicurious.

For tonight, I'm going to have blackberry-glazed grilled salmon over a bed of greens. Should be tasty!


mia said...

eeewww~nothing worse than a mealy, tastless apple! the blackberry glazed salmon sounds excellent tho~recipe coming???

Jaya said...

Oh my gosh, Z speaks? That is the most endearing image! She was just a tiny, smily little person when I last saw her. Those pasties do look awesome. Who can turn away apple in its second most glorious form - baked!

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